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Make your holiday in Bali perfect by watching the stunning Balinese Barong Dance! As one of the most famous Balinese dances, Barong is definitely a must-watch one in Bali. Not a mere dance show, Barong Dance covers a nice story about the clash of good and evil. Learn more about Balinese mythology by observing the narration that blends myth and history into one single reality. The dance itself doesn’t only bear strong myth to tell but also contains extreme moves that can be dangerous for the dancers, especially those portraying the soldiers. Curious about how the story goes? Head to Sukawati and watch the jaw-dropping dance show performed in a Balinese traditional house, complete with the dazzling costumes, masks, properties, and stage decoration.


  • Mythical Storytelling: The Barong Dance tells a story from Balinese mythology, often focusing on the eternal battle between good (represented by Barong) and evil (represented by Rangda, a witch-like character).
  • Barong: The Barong is a lion-like creature that symbolizes goodness, protection, and benevolence. It's often adorned with intricate, colorful costumes and masks, and the dancer playing the Barong moves with lively and agile motions.
  • Rangda: Rangda is the embodiment of evil and chaos. She is often depicted with a fierce, monstrous appearance and is a stark contrast to the Barong. The battle between Barong and Rangda is a central element of the dance, representing the ongoing struggle between good and evil.
  • Elaborate Costumes and Masks: The dancers wear elaborately designed and colorful costumes, masks, and accessories, which are a visual feast for the audience. The Barong's costume is typically vibrant and adorned with intricate details, while Rangda's attire is more menacing and grotesque.
  • Gamelan Music: The dance is accompanied by a traditional Balinese gamelan orchestra, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere with its unique and melodious sound. The music adds depth to the performance and enhances the emotional impact.
  • Choreography and Expressive Movements: The dancers display intricate choreography with expressive movements and gestures. They use their bodies and facial expressions to convey the story, emotions, and characters effectively.
  • Cultural Significance: The Barong Dance is not just a form of entertainment but also an important cultural ritual and symbol. It is often performed during religious ceremonies, temple festivals, and special occasions in Bali.

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