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Nusa Penida



About This Tour

Exploring Nusa Penida, a beautiful island near Bali, Indonesia, in 3 days and 2 nights will allow you to immerse yourself in its stunning landscapes, beaches, and natural wonders. Here's a sample itinerary for your trip:

Day 1: 

  1. Kelingking Beach
  2. Paluang Cliff
  3. Broken Beach
  4. Angel Billabong
  5. Crystal Bay

Day 2: 

  1. Snorkeling 4 Spot
  2. Tembeling Beach
  3. Gayangan Beach

Day 3: 

  1. Tree House Molenteng
  2. Raja Lima
  3. Mahana Point
  4. Yellow Bridge
  5. Dream Beach
  6. Devil Tears

This itinerary covers the highlights of Nusa Penida, allowing you to experience the island's natural beauty and stunning landscapes. Keep in mind that Nusa Penida's roads can be rough, so be prepared for some bumpy rides, and ensure you book your ferry tickets in advance. Also, plan your return to Bali to coincide with the last ferry departure to avoid staying overnight on the island if you don't intend to do so.


  • 1 pax IDR 4.000.000/pax
  • 2 pax IDR 2.200.000/pax
  • 3 pax IDR 1.950.000/pax
  • 4 pax IDR 1.850.000/pax
  • 5 pax IDR 1.750.000/pax
  • 6 pax IDR 1.650.000/pax


  • For foreigner + IDR 300.000/pax

What’s Included

  • Fast Boat Go & Return
  • Private Car
  • Lunch at Resto
  • Driver as Guide
  • Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Retribution Fee : Adult IDR 25.000/pax
  • Retribution Fee : Child IDR 15.000/pax
  • Entrance Fee
  • Pickup & Drop From Hotel In Bali
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